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小编: 8


  1.Hold on 等一下 (口语中,人们不太用wait a minute)如果两人辩论,吵架,抬杠,你要别人“打住”,可以说,hold it right there.

  2. I hate his guts. 我最讨厌他。也有说I hate him guts. Guts 是肠子,相当于“恨之入骨”的意思。He doesn’t have many guts. 他是个胆小鬼。 ut feeling 直觉

  3. Nuts, 果仁,核,为复数时,意为“疯子”,He is nuts。他有神经病。He went nuts and killed a guy.他发疯了,结果杀了一个人。You are driving me nuts. 你真是要把我逼疯。a tough nut to crack, 一项艰巨的任务,一个难解之题

  4. How is everything? (还好吗?) I am just stuck in a rut, doing the same things every day. I wish I could do something different. (烦死了,每天都是干同样的活,我真想换个活法。) rut 日常的,每天都如此,get in a rut,日复一日,天天如此

  5. I have totally sold out to your idea. 我100%地赞同赞同你的意见。类似的话还有If you are not careful enough, you will buy into his bad idea. 如果你不小心的话,你就会采纳他的这馊主意。

  6. I am just ecstatic about going to visit you soon. 马上要见你,我高兴死了。

  7. A dap and dip 打个照面,露下脸就走。

  Matt: Are we going to Jon’s party?我们去琼的聚会吗?

  Darryl: Yeah, but I don’t want to stay long, so let’s make it a dap and dip.那就去吧,不过我可不想多呆,顶多就打个照面就走人。

  8. I would like to get a job within couching distance. 我想找个不用走路就可以上班的工作。Couching distance,沙发距离,就是坐在沙发上不起身也能够得着。这是那种 couch potato喜欢做的美梦。

  9. Yukky 难吃,说这个词时还要做一个难吃的表情。Where did you get this food? It was yukky. 你从哪里弄了这吃的?那么难吃。

  10. 与yukky相反的词是yummy,好吃极了。说这个词时,要不然就把音拖一下,要不然说它两次,表示你真的喜欢主人做的这道菜。

  11 I cannot take it any more. 我再也无法忍受了。前面还可以加上一句:don’t push me. 不要再逼我呀。 同样意思的句子还有:I cannot stand him any longer.

  12 Don’t take it out on me! 不要把气出在我身上。

  13 You have my word. 我向你保证(是这样)。

  14 Look, I have to got going. 就这样了,我还得干活呢(还得赶路)。这是向人告辞的说法。

  15 You’re talking crazy. 你满嘴胡言。相当于you talk nonsense之意。 从语法上看,将形容词放在动词后不是很正规,但人家都这么说,也就可以将就了。

  16 I don’t mean to cross the line. 直译是“我不想越界”。这句话的意思是,我并不是想管闲事呀,只是随便问问。“I don’t mean to cross the line, is she your new girl friend ?”

  17 Thank you for .....(the tea, and so on), and everything else. 谢谢你的(茶水款待),以及一切。当你向人道谢时,你一下只想起了一件具体的事,但又接受了不止一项的好处,就加上一句 and everything else,这样就不会漏谢什么了。

  18 I won’t take that crap.我才不会信那套鬼话。也可以说:I won’t buy that beef.同样的意思。

  19 Calm down. 不要激动好不好?

  20 sick 恶心 you make me sick. 你叫我恶心。 People do sick things to young girls nowadays. 现在总有人对小女孩做那些恶心的事。 He is sick. 如果你把sick一词念得很重,意思就是“他令人恶心。”如果念得不重,意思就只是“他病了。” 所以要小心。

  21 You look concerned. What’s on your mind 你看上去有点心思沉沉,在担心什么呢?

  22 I’ve got to quiet down and get focused. 我该冷静下来,集中注意力。

  23 I know he has the blues(He is feeling very down!), but it doesn’t mean he can vent his anger on me. 我知道他心情不好,但他也不能把气发在我身上呀。the blues 心情不好,If a girl is sad, an ice-cream cone can normally chase the blues away. 如果女孩心情不好的话,给她一个冰淇淋,她就会转哭为笑了。也可说,an ice-cream cone can normally help shake off the blues.

  24 I’m up to my neck in work.这句话的意思就是I am quite busy. 我太忙了,这工作把我忙得晕头转向。I have got a pretty tight schedule today. 我今天的日程安排得很紧。

  25 Easy! 悠着点;不要性急;轻一点;也可以说:Go easy. Go easy on it(省着点用). Easy-going, 很容易相处:She is caring and easy-going.

  26 Crush 原意为“粉碎”,现常指“暗恋”,又常指青涩少年的那种爱,并不稳定,例如,小女生对老师的爱恋,过一阵就烟消云散。Peter has a crush on Jenny.

  27 Ask somebody out 与人约会,谈恋爱:He doesn’t have the guts to ask her out because he is afraid she will turn him down. 他不敢告诉她他爱她,因为他生怕会遭到她的拒绝。类似的有go out with somebody: I heard you’re going out with Jane. 我听说了你在与Jane谈恋爱。

  28 Mr. Right: 白马王子,He’s gentle, patient, successful, and MATURE. I think He’s my Mr. Right! 他温柔体贴,有耐心,成功又成熟。我知道他就是我的意中人(我未来的丈夫非他莫属;也可以说是真命天子)。(白马王子的另一个说法:prince charming)

  29 Jack 对朋友John说,他刚刚与Esther拜拜了,(I just broke up with Esther.)John 安慰Jack说, I don’t know what to say to comfort you, but cheer up! There’s plenty of fish in the sea and you’ll find your soul mate, your perfect match!

  30 My relationship with her is already history.我与她的关系早已成历史了。

  31 我们赞扬儿童时最常用的话有:Isn’t he cute He is so cute. He is adorable. Beautiful baby! 逗一两岁的小孩时,人们常说:Peek-a-boo, I see you.给小孩说再见:See you later, alligator!

  32. 如果有人无所事事,你就可以说:Get a job. 去做点正事吧。

  33.No need to panic. Don’t panic不要慌张。

  34.You made your point. 我明白你的观点(意见)了。或者:I heard you.

  35.You are nasty. 你真是可恶。nasty weather; a nasty trick nasty是个常用词,表示厌恶。

  36.Stay cool, man. 老兄,多多保重。相当于Take care.

  37.That is a wishful thinking. 想得美。也可以说是day dream白日梦。You are day dreaming. "He lives in a dream that has nothing to do with reality"

  38.Let us keep it that way. 还是原样吧。就这么办吧。

  39.Can you drop it? 能不能不谈这事了?

  40.What is in it for me (you)?两个人谈合作,你看了半天,都是对方得益,于是你就可以说这句话了:我的好处在哪里?也可以说:Where is my cut?


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